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Liv Making Waves Jake
By Liv
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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By J. Black : Date May 30, 2011
My daughter has liked the Liv dolls better then the barbie dolls. Im glad they finally made a boy Liv doll. He does not come with wig hair, but that does not seem to bother my daughter. She liked the wigs for the girl dolls because the doll can have long or short hair and I don’t think she would want Jake to have hair any longer then it is! The posability of this doll is the best part. Compared to a Ken, Jake can stand on his own in many different poses. So far Jake has been very durable as all of our other liv dolls.

Reviews By Fairydustwings : Date January 21, 2011
First I’d like to say I love Liv’s Jake. He is cute and looks like an average teenager unlike Barbie’s Ken doll. His articulation is fun. I only have two complaints, the first is a small one and is that the doll I bought has a small manufacturer defect on his front leg. There is like a pin hole right on the front shin. I like to photograph my dolls so this bothers me for that reason. My 5 and 3 year old daughters don’t seem to notice it at all though. The second complaint is that he does not have removable wigs like the Liv girls. That is one of the biggest appeals of the Liv dolls, being able to change their hair color or style. Being able to make them a red head, brunette, blonde or to have wacky pink or blue hair, etc. It is very disappointing that you cannot do this with Jake.

Reviews By The Fashionisto : Date May 24, 2012
While the doll may not look like the original promo, he is still worth buying because you will not be desappointed.

The quality of his clothes are very nice and his has a great face. The articulation on Jake, like the Liv girls, is amazing and similar to that of an action figure, both boys and girls will love that about Jake.

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