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Barbie 2002 Collector Edition
By Mattel
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  • For age 14 and up
  • Doll measured approximately 12 inch tall
  • Produced in year 2001
  • Includes : Barbie 2002 Doll with Gown, Boa, Gloves, Shoes, Necklace, Earrings, Doll Stand and Certificate of Authenticity

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Barbie 2002 Collector Edition Description


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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Kimberly Murphy-Smith : Date January 29, 2002
I didn’t like Barbie 2001–too frilly and overwrought–so when I saw they were going to continue the line with 2002, I was nervous.

But what a gorgeous doll! Frilly and feathery and sleek and fluffy and glamourous all at the same time. The necklace says 2002, something I NEVER saw in any detail shots. Her dress is skin tight but all the frills and fringes are confined to the edges and don’t overrun the elegance of the beautiful pink fabric. Her hair is sleek and sexy, and her face paint is delicate and beautiful.

What a great doll. If you’re a collector, scoop her up now.

Reviews By Victoria Tarrani : Date November 16, 2002
The designers for Barbie follow the trends of the fashion industry. The dress for the 2002 Collector Edition could have been worn by one of the “Best Dressed” at the Academy Awards. It is delicate and form-fitted gown. A shimmering pink mesh overlay is carried through to the two-tier feathery flounce at the hem. The dress is slightly shorter than other year’s fashions, and shows off her pink stiletto hills. The shoes are my favorite kind because they have a strap and stay on.

The dramatic effect of the gown is captured in the fluffy pink marabou stole (more luscious pink feathers), and the sheer mesh across the shoulders. Each detail draws your gaze toward the culminating highlight of this pink parfait, which is a silvery charm necklace “2002.”

Both the African American and Caucasian versions present the classic Barbie hairdo: parted softly, hair pulled across her forehead, then tucked behind her elegant back where it wraps just a little toward her left shoulder. Lipstick for both dolls is shade enhancing pink or rose, and their eyes shine with the new light of a New Year. This particular shade of pink is nearly perfect for anyone.

This is an extraordinary entry for the Barbie Collector Edition.

5- Fun — None of the collector editions are recommended for little children, but big children (such as I), love to see the changing fashions and facial expressions.
5- Education — Each New Year hold special significance. When added to your collection the door is open to tell those special of stories that begin with “… I’ll tell you about my New Year…”
4- Durable — little ones and the family pet can bit her fingers, lose her jewelry, and add the played with touch that only a child can give. I would save her for the older children.

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