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Polly Pocket Cruise Ship
By Mattel

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  • Polly’s pals can change up their vacation looks with their color change bathing suits.
  • It’s the biggest Polly Pocket playset ever, with tons of fun-filled activities, including rock climbing and parasailing.
  • Part of Polly Travel Collection.
  • So Hip Cruise Ship with three of Polly Pocket’s fab friends, Lila, Lea, and Rick.

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By H. Freeman : Date November 5, 2006
My daughter was very excited to receive this cruise ship playset. The slide is a bit difficult to put together and also the railings don’t stay in place at all…..I would suggest buying the additional travel bag full of polly pockets and accessories. The accessories are very small and can be swallowed very easily if the child that is receiving this is too young…..Overall, 4 stars.

Reviews By Maureen E. Connolly : Date February 6, 2007
This thing is flimsy…difficult to put together and keep together and not appropriate for anyone under the age of 8 even though the recommended ages are 4-8. The fence will not stay on, the hammock does not work at all If it was 25$ even 30$ I probably wouldn’t complain, but fo 75$ I expected something a little better and more entertaining. My 6 year old daughter got this and the Theme park for Christmas and to be honest I found both to be the most disappointing toys of this Christmas, and the biggest rip off of the year.

Reviews By Bailey Stratford : Date June 11, 2007
My 3 year old daughter loves Polly Pockets and received this ship for her birthday. We all love it, including my husband who just loves the Rock Climbing Wall and Harness. It is pretty easy to set up and take down. This set has a TON of little accessories but I previously bought a large rubbermaid container for all her Polly junk so clean up is pretty easy. Yes, some of the railings come off easily, but who cares, there is so much happening on the Polly ship that a few loose railings just add to the drama. My daughter’s Polly’s rock climb and shop for hats and drink smoothies at the cafe only after parasailing and lounging in the color changing hot tub. They also take long naps in their cool fold out beds after emailing their grandparents on their computer. I have nothing bad to say about this toy because I love to sit down and role play with my daughter and her Pollys and this ship has yet to let us down.

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