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Halloween Treat Barbie Doll
By Mattel

Cheap Price for Halloween Treat Barbie Doll.

  • Witch’s gown in glittery orange with purple sleeves, flared skirt and lace-up boots
  • New 2010 Barbie Halloween Doll
  • Magical pendant necklace
  • Trick or treat, Barbie doll is bewitching wearing a pointy hat and stylish witch’s gown
  • Doll also comes with a brush to style her orange highlighted hair

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Halloween Treat Barbie Doll Description

Doll also comes with a brush to style her orange highlighted hair..

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Kelly R. Foster : Date December 11, 2010
If you want to save on cavities bill invest in a halloween barbie. It is cheaper in the end, doesn’t give them the sugar high, and they use their imaginations. Be careful with the sleeves, they are made of a thinner material.

Reviews By D. Lambert : Date November 19, 2010
I gave this to my 3 year old Granddaughter for trick or treat instead of candy. She loved it, as she loves all her Barbies. I didn’t like the purple streaks in her hair, and couldn’t see them in the picture of the doll. My Granddaughter liked it though.

Reviews By Talvi : Date December 28, 2009
The Halloween special Barbies are really a great value – they are fun for girls to play with, very different from the other more generic ‘fashion’ type of barbie dolls, and look good as a fun display. And, unlike the Valentine’s, Easter, and even Christmas Barbies, these are quite fun for girls to play with well after the holiday is gone. Now that witches are so popular, the Halloween barbies go great with the other fantasy-barbies for fun – interacting magically with the mermaids and fairies.

The hat is a soft vinyl and doesn’t get destroyed with play. In all, I feel the Halloween Barbies are one of the best values out there. Especially considering how much more expensive and ‘gimmicky’ the latest fairy and mermaid Barbies have become. My 6 year old views this as a fantasy and not a holiday Barbie and plays with it year round with the Fairytopia dolls. This particular Halloween doll often is the bad guy in her play time – the evil witch.

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