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Rub A Dub: Draw in Your Tub By Alex Toys
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  • 6.25 x 1.25 x 10.25

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Andy Richmond : Date January 23, 2011
We got these for our 18 month old son in Christmas of 2009. They were great. Smaller than you might expect, but they had bright colors – worked when wet – even if dunked and were long lasting – we still have 4 of the 6 colors – although they are running out. They also cleaned so easily!

So we decided it would be a great Christmas present this year (Xmas 2010). However the new set is horrible! We just opened it to start using and they clearly changed the crayons. They are slighly longer within the holders (probably due to complaints about how short they actual crayon part was) and the colors are slighly different. But those are not the issues. The issues are that the crayons do not draw on any bit of water or even damp, but dried off with a towel surface. If you do draw on a dry surface the crayons are used up super fast.

Reviews By “jgmmuir100″ : Date March 20, 2001
These are, without a doubt, the BEST bathtub crayons available (and we’ve tried all brands!) The pigment is vibrant, and they even color under water. It doesn’t matter if they get wet…they still work (unlike other bathtub crayons). These ‘click’ up to expose fresh crayon, and do NOT dissolve in water. Clean up is easy with the provided duck sponge (and when my husband is in charge of bathtime, and forgets to clean the tub, I can testify that they do, indeed, wash off without staining the tub!) I can’t recommend these crayons enough to other parents…our toddler loves them and has become quite the bathtime artist.

Reviews By TRLK : Date March 9, 2012
From reading reviews it seems that this used to be a good product but is no longer such.

I agree that these bath crayons, as of 2012, are terrible.

We received this as a gift for my daughter’s second birthday. We have the Alex Toys star crayon and I thought these would be of similar quality but they were not.

First, the crayons do not stay in their holders. It’s a good concept if it worked but it doesn’t. Once the crayons are out of their holders they break apart easily.

Second, the crayons dissolve quickly. If a crayon is under water there is a plume of colored water surrounding it as it dissolves, proving how quickly these crayons dissolve.

Third, the crayons barely write. They are waxy like the cheap crayons that are given with the kids’ menu at restaurants.

This, while not perfect, is a much better option: Read more Rub A Dub: Draw in Your Tub Reviews

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