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Funko Lost in Space Wacky Wobbler By Funko
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  • Warning, Warning
  • That does not compute
  • Danger danger Will Robinson

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Reviews By J. Leigh : Date April 27, 2012
The audio is well digitized. Not the typical crackily audio you get with toys.
The top chest area of Robot is red, not bluish as pictured. I prefer the red.
It comes with batteries installed.

Sometimes the multiple audio samples are triggered one after another which means Robot doesn’t finish one phrase before beginning another.

Still, for the price it is a fun item for the office.

Reviews By trebe : Date September 15, 2012
As a casual fan of Lost In Space, I bought this item on an impulse, and was pleased to discover that Funko’s Lost In Space B-9 Robot “wobbler” is actually a nice novelty item, of decent quality.

The robot stands about seven inches high, has unmovable arms, and “bends” at the waist. The figure has pretty good detail, with clear plastic parts used for the robot’s distinctive circular “head”. Various lights, buttons, and electronic components are located on the robot’s body, and the color scheme is pretty close to photos I have seen of the real B-9. The arms are gray with red claws, which also matches some photos of B-9.

Although the B-9′s appearance varied ay bit through the years, certain basic elements remained consistent. The biggest discrepancy with this replica is the light blue ring at the top of the robot’s body, which was actually some kind of glass on the real robot. Apparently this particular detail, was too much for Funko to manage. Other issues include, a paint job with a few bad spots, the joint in the clear plastic head is unsightly, and my robot leans forward slightly.

The bottom of the figure consists of the robot’s “legs” and his tracks, which are set on a dull orange colored square base, with a nameplate for the robot in front. The B-9 is an iconic figure, so the nameplate is kind of superfluous, and the orange colored base kind of looks like he is standing on a slab of cheese. The color of the base shown in Amazon’s product photo looks brown, and does not match my toy. The robot seems to be stable enough not to tip over, so I would have much preferred if the figure was freestanding, without any base.

The robot is capable of speaking, as audio clips featuring the voice of the late Dick Tuefeld, the man who actually provided the voice for the robot, are featured uttering some of the robot’s most memorable phrases. Included are “Warning! Warning!”, “That does not compute”, and “Danger, Danger Will Robinson!” Just a slight movement can trigger the voice, although the phrases are sometimes incomplete, or cut off by another phrase.

I already had a few B-9 items, including the tiny Read more Funko Lost in Space Wacky Wobbler Reviews

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