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  • Great gift idea
  • New sonic screwdriver is larger than previous ones
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  • An essential tool for the Dr in his travels
  • Features a LED green light

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Dr. Who: The Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Description


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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By AGuyWhoBoughtThis : Date June 18, 2011
Here’s the thing: A lot of people have bad things to say about the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. And they’re valid complaints. BUT, I think it’s over-all a great product.

About the seller:
AWESOME. The product came with no problems or complications, and it arrived two days before the estimated arrival date.

About the Screwdriver itself:
-It IS kind of lame that when the claws are extended you have to push the button at the bottom to activate the light and sounds.
-It IS kind of lame that the main button on the side doesn’t quite line up sometimes, so when the claw is not deployed, and you’re supposed to be able to use the primary button, about half the time it doesn’t work.
-A lot of customers say that installing the batteries is overly complicated and difficult.

-Releasing the claws and the spring action is SO satisfying and makes you feel like you’re gonna take on the whole Dalek empire singlehandedly.
-I didn’t have any trouble at all installing the batteries. It was simple and quick.
-Sure, it’s disappointing that the main button is finicky. But it requires you to adjust the top of the screwdriver or hold it in a specific way. It takes a delicate touch and I’ve gotten pretty good at it while my friends still can’t get it. And that makes me feel even more like the Doctor. It’s totally an oversight on the part of the manufacturer, but it’s fitting that you have to fumble about and make the screwdriver work sometimes just like The Doctor often does with his technology.

Overall, it’s an awesome toy. It’s not perfect, but who cares? It’s 20 bucks and you get to run around annoying your friends, pretending to be the doctor, and sonic-ing everything in sight.

Reviews By C. Dunbar : Date April 22, 2010
I will admit, I had higher hopes for this toy. I have several sonic screwdrivers (9/10 UV light edition, Future Sonic from “Silence in the Library”, the Master’s Laser Screwdriver), and have always been impressed by the quality of the product and it’s versatility during cosplay. Aside from a few instances where the screwdriver felt a bit brittle, I’ve dropped them all only to find them in perfect condition afterwards. So I expected nothing less than similar quality when I ordered the new 11th Doctor screwdriver.

Right off the bat, things went horribly wrong. After a gut-wrenching time trying to twist off the top to access the battery case (I felt like I was going to snap the extender arms), I found that one of the screws (the one closest to the inside) was of extremely poor quality and stripped as I was trying to open it. So here I was, unable to open the casing without cracking it. I eventually had to break the casing off just to access the batteries, and smooth down the sides so the device would extend properly. (It still doesn’t, it only extends halfway on the initial press, and halfway when the button is released, unless you tap it very fast, at which point it will extend fully in one shot.)

After inserting the batteries and testing the device out, I found that the only way to turn on the SFX while the device was extended was to use the second access button, hidden at the base of the handle.

Reviews By talkingmetaphor : Date May 17, 2011
I really enjoy this toy, replica, model, whatever you want to refer to it as but there are a couple small issues. the extender arms that allow the upper half of the screwdriver pop up aren’t as durable as your alien defeating needs may require. when you pop the screwdriver up it’s supposed to make the trademark sound but the arm pops up slightly too far and the connection doesn’t get made. lastly the small plastic cover to the button on the bottom of the screwdriver doesn’t quite latch after the first few days of use.

all that said, I am a twenty year old whovian who truly loves carrying my sonic around with me everywhere and finding every excuse to brandish it like the companion, or time lady, that imagine myself to be. so if you have a love for the show, the characters, or the ideals that Doctor Who can so brilliantly bring to your doorstep than this is still a fantastic purchase.

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